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Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash

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Keep your intimate area clean and fresh with Imbue Intimate Hygiene Wash, an all-natural companion designed to help you reach your intimate wellness goals. It is inspired from the ancient ayurvedic practice of Yoni Prakshalanam. Boosted with Panchvalkal, it keeps infections, irritation, itchiness and foul odor at bay. Meant to be used for the vulva region only.Fun fact: This anti-fungal and anti-bacterial formulation can be used regularly and multiple times as well, with no side effects and no reduction in its effectiveness

Extra Information

COLOR Light Pink
EXPIRY DATE 3 years from the date of manufacture (900 days)
HOW TO USE 1.Apply the Imbue Intimate Hygiene Wash either directly through your hands or through a washcloth/ tissue. n2.Take the appropriate amount of wash on your palm or washcloth. n3.Gently apply it all over your external genital area, lather and wash.
INGREDIENTS 1. Neem - Exerts a broad sprectrum microbial activity that prevents and fights fungal infectionsn2. Banyan Fig - Prevents vaginal infections, reduces irritation, itching and foul odour n3. Panchvalkal - Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-microbial in nature n4. Tea Tree Oil - Effective antiseptic agent that helps in growth of Lactobacilli which controls growth of Candila albicans
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