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INDIGENOUS HONEY Bee Cap Honeybee White Cap Bee Veil for The Protection of Face from A Honey Bee Sting (Pack of 1)

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  • A white color honeybee cap for the protection of face from sting of honeybee
  • A highly durable net with clear vision for the eyes that make smooth motion for active of beekeeping
  • A white color tough cloth that prevent bee sting in head and neck during the extraction of honey and migration of honey bee hives
  • Properly ventilated design for smooth inhalation for the beekeeper
  • Rubber grip of cap is highly flexible that make a smooth beekeeping operation

Beekeeping operational tool Equipment, tool, and protective cloth required for beekeeping are known as a beekeeping operational tool. This is an essential part of beekeeping required for the smooth operation of beekeeping activity. These are basically divided into three part 1 Beekeeping equipment 2. Beekeeping tool 3. Bee protective gear Centrifuge machine (Honey extractor) and empty beehive super beehive, rooftop. bottom board, etc are known as beekeeping equipment. Hive tool, Fram stand, beehive stand, queen excluder, migration net, etc are known as beekeeping tool. Bee vell (face net), protective cloth, hand gloves, toe gumboots, etc are known as bee protective gear.Bee protective gear Bee cap bee veil face net should have the following qulitative property, it should be highly durable as we know beekeeping tough activity. it should be made for the cotton cloth to absorb sweat. The net should be of good quality for clear vision.Rubber grip should be proper for smooth body motion.

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CONTENTS / IN THE BOX 1 White Bee cap
SIZE Large
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