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Jalapeno Moong Daal Chips

Rs. 99.00

One of the most widely used lentils in Indian cuisine, yellow moong dal is used to make both sweet and spicy dishes. Moong dal is great for weight loss, improving heart health, lowers blood sugar, and aids digestion. Graminway’s Moong Daal Chips Jalapeno is a fusion of two cultures. The Indian dinner staple meets Mexican favourite jalapenos in a wonderful spicy, tangy melange. Moong daal is cleaned, finely ground, and made into a soft dough. We throw in Indian seasoning and jalapeno peppers, cut the dough into strips, and irresistible, healthy chips are ready. Now, this is a snack you can reach out for, guilt-free! Best Before 6 Months from Manufacture, Store in Cool Dry place, Store in air tight container

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