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Jatamansi Powder

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The ancient Ayurvedic herb that will raise your hair game by leaps and bounds – Jatamansi deserves all the accolades that it has been receiving since times immemorial for its sterling hair care virtues. A calming herb by nature, Jatamansi is regarded a rejuvenating tonic for your mind as well as mane. If you desire silky smooth, thick and stunning long locks, your quest for the ‘it’ ingredient in your DIY hair potions should land you at Jatamansi. From battling dandruff to arresting excessive hair fall, balding, thinning, flaky scalp to accelerating the rate of hair growth, Jatamansi does it all. Check, check and double check! At Bliss of Earth, we are confident of providing nothing short of the most authentic Jatamansi powder to you for all your DIY endeavours.

Extra Information

COLOR beige
FOR Unisex
SIZE 100gm
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