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Jivika Naturals Karela Jamun Juice 500ml

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From preventing diabetes to curing digestive ailments, Karela Jamun Juice is a miracle tonic for everyday consumption. With antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this superfood is the perfect solution for all ages.

Jivika Naturals Karela Jamun Juice perfectly balances its ingredients to suit your health needs. A 50-50 blend of bitter gourd and Jamun makes our juice more flavourful and nutritious than others.

Health Benefits of Natural Karela Jamun Juice:

Karela Jamun for Diabetic Care:

Whether for treating existing diabetes or to avoid the ailment altogether, Karela Jamun Juice works wonders. The raw and unrefined bitter elements help control insulin production in the body, resulting in healthy blood sugar levels.

Karela Jamun for Metabolism:

Karela Jamun Juice is great for boosting your body’s metabolism, which enables you to absorb more nutrients from your diet. Jamun is a great agent for blood circulation and can even aid in weight management.

Karela Jamun for Cleansing:

Karela Jamun Juice comes packed with antioxidants, which can help cleanse your liver, stomach and intestines. It can also help combat tumours and leukaemia by detoxing your blood from harmful toxins.

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