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Jivika Naturals Rock Salt 1kg (Free Flow)

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Jivika Naturals Rock Salt has been matured over millions of years making it naturally rich in essential minerals.

Rock Salt can help maintain your body’s pH level while promoting detoxification.

Rock Salt is also good for promoting healthy sleep habits, circulation, and libido. Adding Rock Salt to your diet is a great way to reduce signs of ageing.

Desiccated Coconut Powder

Fresh coconuts are sourced directly from Coastal Andhra and then naturally sun dried to make our Desiccated Coconut Powder.

The natural drying process and the absence of additives give the powder superior taste and mouthfeel.

Our Desiccated Coconut Powder retains nutrients from tender coconuts. It is a rich source of natural fats and fibre.

We at Jivika specialise in producing raw and natural products in line with the teachings of Ayurveda. We understand that good food can be the best medicine, and we aim to bring this good food to the world. We at Jivika share a significant portion of our earnings with the farmers that work with us. So every product we grow and create comes with a promise of hope and prosperity.

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