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KitchenJi Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 1 Ltr

by Waycool
Rs. 458.00

KITCHENJI COCONUT OIL: KitchenJi’s cold-pressed Coconut oil is pure, cold-pressed, and contains tons of health benefits. Due to its multifaceted nature, people use it for cooking and tons of other purposes as well. KitchenJi's cold pressed oil helps in preventing fat accumulation and enables overall weight management. It nourishes hair, reduces hair loss problems, and is ideal for use in baby care. ?COLD PRESSED OILS: Cold pressed oils are famously known for their numerous health benefits. Cold pressing is the method of oil extraction from seeds without using heat in order to retain their rich nutritional quality. They are known to be unprocessed, cholesterol-free, high in Vitamin E, retaining antioxidants, among a host of other benefits. ?COCONUT OIL BENEFITS: Coconut oil helps in food digestion by eliminating toxic bacteria which prevents poor digestion and stomach inflammation. It also helps in preventing stomach ulcers. ?ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: No preservatives/chemicals: KitchenJi’s coconut oil contains no harmful preservatives or chemicals, thus maintaining it’s natural quality and health benefits. KitchenJi’s method of extracting coconut oil using the cold-pressed method ensures no temperature rise while crushing, ensuring that the oil retains its rich nutrients.

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