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Liver Care Chooranam

Rs. 300.00


  • Made from 100% Natural Herbal Ingredients recommended by Ayurveda to restore proper functioning of the liver
  • Detoxifies Liver
  • Clears Indigestion and Detoxifies Body
  • Reduces excess body heat
  • Cures – Fatty Liver, Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis & Obstructive Jaundice


  • Turmeric Root, Dandelion Root, Choline, Cicorium Intybus, Peumus Boldus, Milk Thistle, etc


  • Boil 5 Grams with water for 3- 5 mins, Leave it for normal temperature & Drink on empty stomach
  • Use twice Daily

Extra Information

FOR Unisex
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