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Maximilian Armour 1515 re-Enactment LARP Steel Body Medieval Knight Suit of Armor

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  • Maximilian half armour 1515 re-enactment LARP Steel Body Suit Of Armor
  • Made of good quality of 18 gauge steel
  • Adult size and full fitted breastplate
  • Great for LARP, halloween, theatrical play, fantasy, historical reenactments

This Maximilian half suit of armour is a replica of an original that was made around 1515 in Germany. This Maximilian suit of armour is delivered including the closed helmet. The suit of armour provides sufficient freedom of movement and if desired it can be expanded with leg armour. The pauldrons have two straight standing parts that serve as extra neck protection / bevor. Made of good quality of 18 gauge steel. Adult size & has adjustable leather straps. Tough Leather Straps Held With Metal Rivets

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