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Medieval Knight Closed Helmet Steel Italian Armour

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  • Medieval Knight Closed Helmet Steel Italian Armour
  • Made of Good Quality 18 Gauge Solid Steel
  • Provides exactly what you need to complete that perfect look
  • Great for LARP (live action role playing), cosplay, Halloween, fancy dress, theatrical props, and historical reenactments.
  • Manufactured By Medieval Epic

This Medieval Italian Knights Helmet is fully wearable and is a fantastic example of the style worn by Italian knights in the 15th century. The helmet is made from 18-gauge steel and features an authentic appearance. This helmet was designed to provide maximum protection in battle and during jousts. The full-face design and corrugated face mask left little room for blows to connect. A ridge runs from the front to back on top of the helmet. This helmet is perfect for costume use, and it would look stunning as a display piece in any home or office.

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