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MediORO Signature Essence Mist

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Female intimate area is very sensitive part of the body. Proper hygiene can avoid a lot of infections which can lead to serious problems if not addressed properly. MediORO brings revolutionary product in female intimate hygiene. A spray mist that has all the goodness of organic and natural ingredients. The ozonated extra virgin olive oil will improve the pH level of the intimate area and will keep it moist without overdoing it. The sensitive skin of the part will be protected from rashes and irritation. This will prevent the menstrual odour perfectly. The vitamin E and pro-vitamin present on the olive oil will keep the skin nourished and will keep the skin from sagging. Patented technologies that is safe to use. It also has sterilizing effects that can keep skin safe from daily wear and tear process. It doesn’t contain alcohol. It reduces the growth of germs and organisms and reduces the changes of infections like Vaginitis. It has anti-bacterial properties. It’s safe for people with sensitive skin.

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EXPIRY DATE 10/05/2023
FOR Women
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