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Menstrual Cup Large

Rs. 550.00
Menstrual Cup

Imagine going through your day without worrying about changing your pad or tampon It’s safe, secure and effortless. Available in 2 sizes – Small and Large (Please find the size chart below to find out the best for your body type). 

Up to 10 Hours of Protection 
A cup is 3 times more effective than a tampon and is suited to last you an entire day.

Maintains Natural Moisture 
Since the cup works by collecting instead of absorbing, it keeps the natural moisture and PH of your vagina intact.  

Medical Grade Silicone 
Our menstrual cups are FDA approved and are made from the most premium silicone.  

Odour Free 
Since the menstrual bleed never comes in contact with air, Menstrual cups are your best option if you are conscious about that period smell. 

Extra Information

SIZE 45mm*80mm
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