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Merry Mix

Rs. 775.00

Appease the senses

The mixture of the perfect ingredients that make this relaxing elixir is enough to calm the senses. When it comes to relieving stress naturally, nothing beats Merry Mix!

The Plentitude of Welfare

Here’s the perfect moment to take a step back in life, reflect and relax with a treasure trove of health benefits.
– Melisa: it calms anxiety, induces sleep and aids in giving a nice and sound sleep.
– Hibiscus: aids in soothing sore throat, aids in treating high blood pressure and decreases bad cholesterol levels.
– Rose hip: are rich in anti-oxidants, support a healthy immune system, and aid in weight-loss.
– Lemon Peel: filled with nutrition, supports great oral health, and helps boost immunity.
– Orange Peel: aids in burning fat, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps maintain great oral health.
– Chamomile: possess anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic properties.
– Pomegranate flower: beneficial to the heart, filled with anti-oxidants and help fight aging of skin.
– Rose: helps fight depression, aids with relieving congestion and calms the nerves.

The mixture of these ingredients forms the ultimate oasis of health benefits. Give it a try!
Some more marvels made possible by this elixir:

  • Calms the nervous system
  • Relieves stress
  • Aids people with Insomnia
  • Aids with Indigestion
  • Aids with palpitations and high blood pressure
  • Soothes headache

The best part about our tea is that each serving of the leaves can be re-steeped 1 to 2 times. You get to discover new aromas and taste with every infusion. So, for the love of tea, don’t throw the residue after steeping it once!

Brew the Perfect Blend
– Every 100 ml of water requires 2 grams of tea (1 Teabag)
– Ideal temperature for steeping is 75-80 degrees
– Let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes.
– Can be re-steeped 1 to 2 times.

Chill, there’s more to life than increasing its speed.

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