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Moksa Chamomile Tea with Organic Chamomile Flowers | 15 Biodegradable Pyramid Teabags with Free Samplers

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Used in folk medicine for thousands of years, Chamomile as a botanical is a great source of flavone antioxidants, it induces sleep, improves digestion, manages diabetes, relieves stress and anxiety. Chamomile tea is the perfect elixir to help you relax your mind and body completely and help reduce anxiety, depression, and provides antibacterial support. Chamomile, is derived from the Greek �chamomaela�, meaning ground apple, describes its flavor that of an apple. The Egyptians valued the herb as a cure for malaria and dyed in the wool to their sun god, Ra. The aromatic flower heads and leaves of both Roman and German chamomile are used medicinally.
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