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Moksa Green Tea Christmas Gift with Pineapple Calendula Flower | Tin Caddy | Organic Loose Leafs with Free Samplers

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Tropical blush with calendula and green tea as the base, has an earthy flavor with a slight note of bitterness that weaves its way through to create an interesting taste with naturally dried, succulent pineapple bits overpowering it with sweetness and balance. Calendula was called sponsa salis in Ancient Roman times which means' the bride of the sun'. The humble Daisy is the sacred flower showing the delicacy and hope of a new life with its medicinal properties. During the Civil War, calendula was used to stop the blood flow from battle wounds. It was believed that calendula could bring protection against dangerous influences. �A comforter of the heart and spirits - Calendula�, when combined with pineapple and Green tea as a base to add a sweet twist, know already your life is on high!
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