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Moksa Oolong Darjeeling Pyramid Tea Bags Pack of 15 Helps in Weight Loss and Glowing Skin 30g with Free Samplers

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A slightly fermented and semi - oxidized euphoria that�ll go a long way with it�s intricate yet joyful way of satisfying taste buds and a great comfort to souls. An old wives tale, the origin of oolong is that one late evening, after a day of plucking, the tea grower, on his way back, was distracted by a deer. He forgot to process the leaves that day, as a result of which, they began to wilt and naturally oxidize. Instead of wasting it, he decided to process them anyway, which gave birth to a new type of tea which he named after himself. In Mandarin Wu Long also means Black Dragon. The Queen of England was very taken with the unique taste and aroma of oolong tea, and called it �Oriental Beauty�.
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