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Moksa Tea Christmas Gift Set | Perfect Christmas Gift for Family and Friends | Black Tea | Lychee Flavor Loose Leaf Tea with Free Samplers

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The goodness of Black Tea blended with Litchi is a true delicacy. Litchi is rich in antioxidants and vitamin - C. Thearubigins in tea benefit the body in lowering cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and relieve stress. The tale goes that while a passing army entered the Fujian province, they decided to take shelter at a nearby tea factory. This held up production at the tea factory, where the leaves were left out in the sun, causing them to oxidize for a longer period of time and resulting in darker leaves. The oxidation process gives black tea leaves their dark color. When brewed, the resulting beverage is a dark reddish-brown color. This is why black tea is often referred to as �red tea� in China.
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