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Multi Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate 500ML

Rs. 190.00

Zimmer Aufraumen Multi Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate is a concentrated multi-surface cleaner, sanitizer, and deodorizer. The product at recommended dilution can be used for all kinds of hard? surfaces like laminates, furniture, glass, floors, metal surface, and all other hard surfaces. Leaves the surface streak-free and shiny with a mild & lingering pleasant fragrance?

All Surfaces: Safe for use on all washable hard surfaces. Quickly remove any stains or dirt accumulation.? Sanitizes the surface after cleaning. Pleasant and refreshing fragrance. Concentrated for economical use.

How to use😕 Washable Hard Surface & Floors – Normal Soiling: dilute 15-25 ml concentrate? in 1 litre of water.? Washable Hard Surface & Floors – Heavy Soiling: dilute 30-50 ml concentrate in 1 liter of water.

Application Area😕 Laminates, Furniture, Glass, Floors, Metal Surface, Shiny Floors, Marbles, Tiles, Granite, Wooden Flooring, etc.

Benefits20 liters Cleaning Liquid: Makes 20 liters of cleaning liquid from 500 ml Concentrate liquid.

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