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Neem Floor Cleaner With Real Neem Oil 500ml

Rs. 180.00

More about Neem Floor Cleaner

Zimmer Aufraumen Neem Floor Cleaner product at recommended dilution can be used for all kinds of floorings & surfaces. Leaves floors streak-free and shiny with a mild & lingering pleasant fragrance. It is an environmentally friendly product which is made up of natural sources like neem oil etc., Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like Aldehydes, Acetone, Bleaches, Petro Derivatives, Ethoxy alcohol. It totally safe product for house cleaning.


Advantages of Neem Floor Cleaner:-

  • POWERFUL CLEANER: Easily removes dust, grease, and soiling from floor and tiles, it can be used for oily surfaces too. Safe for use on all washable hard surfaces. Quickly removes any stains or dirt accumulation. Sanitizes floor surface after cleaning. Pleasant and refreshing fragrance.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS, PETS & ENVIRONMENT: Do not contain any HARMFUL CHEMICALS like Aldehydes, Acetone, Bleaches, Petro Derivatives, Ethoxy Alcohols, and Formaldehyde which are not recommended to be in your living room for long exposure. Completely safe for Kids and Pets for long-term exposure. Biodegradable and Environment Friendly.
  • DILUTION: Washable Hard Surface & Floors – Normal Soiling: 200 ml in 1 liter of water. Washable Hard Surface & Floors – Heavy Soiling: 100 ml in 1 liter of water. Application Area: Hard Surface, Shiny Floors, Marbles, Tiles, Granite, Wooden Flooring, etc.
  • STRONG DISINFECTANT: It contains Neem Oil (Azadirachta Indica)- a safe but strong disinfectant. Kills a wide range of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and molds. Completely safe for kids and pets.
  • QUALITY STANDARDS & ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: ZaGlobal India follows the same quality & Safety standards for its products in India as for European markets. Free of Non Biodegradable ingredients, does create any negative environmental impact.

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