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Nisarga Herbs Imutizer Syrup

Rs. 270.00
100% ayurvedic
Own certified organic farms
farm to shelf product control
organic and natural products
cGMP certified manufacturing facility
Ingredients manufactured in a US FDA audited facility
Formulations done by ayurvedic practitioner with over 40 years of formulating experience
full spectrum technology offers concentrated ingredients in a very small dose
tested for heavy metal and microbial safety as per FDA standards

  • Helps in the overall growth and development of kids
  • Improve digestive function and metabolism and corrects appetite in kids
  • Helps in building musculature and strength
  • Natural deworming agents help to get rid of most of the skin disorders and correct digestive issues
  • Helps fight seasonal infections and recurrent allergies in kids

Extra Information

CONTENTS / IN THE BOX 150 ml. Bottle
SIZE 150 ml. Bottle
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