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Nutrijuven -A Complete Nutrition Combination of Divine Hearbs & Modern Science having balanced commbination of Whey + Casin protein (Milk Protien) /EPA + DHA/ Methylcobalamin with Combination of Divine herbs Like Brahmi /Ashwagandha & Spirulina with Mult

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Nutrijuven is Neuro-protective and cardio-protective supplement thatEnhances grasping power and cognitive performance of children. Manages stress, boosts fertility and maintains testosterone level. Manages sugar in the blood and keeps cortisol level low. Omega 3 improves blood supply to every cell of the body and hence have anti-ageing property. Omega 3 reduces bad cholesterol ( LDL,VLDL,TG) and inhances good cholesterol (HDL). Keeps heart healthy. Whey protein + Casein Protein +Phytoprotin(Spirulina)All together boosts generation of first line antibody IgG and then IgM which is potent enough to fight against infection. Nutrijuven contains all protein (Casein+Whey+Phyto)that ensure all essential amino acid to perform a series of metabolic function in body system.Methylecobalamin+ Brahami=Mental Performance. Whey Protein + Spirulina= Physical performance Ashwagandha+(EPA+DHA)= Vigour & Vitality. For, Over all performance NUTRIJUVEN

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SIZE 800 grams
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