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Nutty Yogi Sweet Amla Bites

Rs. 129.00

The Nutty Yogi Amla Bites are super healthy and enveloped with taste. As children we'd queue up for just a pinch and gobble it up for the tangy-sweet after taste. This after-meal indulgence is now back in an all new avatar. This has all the benefits of Amla in a candy form. Is very good for kids too.

Health Quotient
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C.
  • Rich in Iron and other Antioxidants. 
  • Good for cardiac ailments.
  • Improves the quality of skin and hair .


Sweet Amla Candy

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE Best before 12 months from date of manufacture.
INGREDIENTS Amla, Sugar, Black Salt, Dry Mango Powder, Salt, Pippali, Jeera, Lemon Juice.
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