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Optclin Lens Wipes - Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes | Multi-Purpose, Easy To Carry | Great for Spectacles, Tablets, Camera Lenses, Screens, Keyboards, and Other Delicate Surfaces – 30 Individually Wipes (Pack of 2)

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Optclin lens wipes pre-moistened lens wipes provide a gentle, thorough cleaning, removing fingerprints, dust, oil, and smudges without scratching or streaks. Optclin lens wipes contains professional solution for cleaning all types of lens and all interactive surfaces gently.


Benefits Of Using Optclin Lens Wipes:

·         Micro-Fine Tissue With High Quality 

·         Portable

·         Easy To Carry & Use

·         Spectacles & Sunglasses

·         Cameras

·         Binoculars

·         Laptops &Tablets

·         TV & Computer Monitors

·         Mobiles & Smart Watches


Suggested Use:  Use wipes to clean the surface of the object

How to Use

·         Quick & Easy To Use: Lightly Brush Away Dust & Dirt with the Folded Wipe.

·         Unfold And Gently Clean The Surface Using Circular Movements Until It's Clean & Dry.

Dries In Seconds. Only Use The Wipe When It's Moist.

Extra Information

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