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Peshawri Seekh Kebab ( Mumbai, Delhi NCR.)

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ndia’s first nutritionally superior plant based alternative to lamb seekh kebab. The PlantMade Peshawri Seekh Kebab can ensure that your family gets quality vegetarian protein in their diet, without any cholesterol and with only a fraction of the fats compared to a conventional lamb.
Each tray to contain 3 pieces of 80 grams = 240 grams 

PlantMade - Peshawri Seekh Kebab

  • Introducing India's First Frozen Seekh Kebab Alternative
  • Made using plant-based ingredients
  • Simple to use-Freezer to pan/ air fryer/ oven- ready for use in 30 seconds.
  • 9 Months of Shelf Life.
  • The perfect way to give your family high quality protein.
  • Get more protein per gram than a real egg.
  • PlantMade's Peshawri Seekh Kebab is cholesterol free and very low in fat.
  • Great for use as a snack, pizza, fried rice, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, etc.
  • You never have to worry about any antibiotics or diseases coming into your food.
  • No artificial preservatives or sugars.
  • Great for people with lactose, gluten, and nut allergies.
  • It is a pure vegetarian, vegan and kosher product.
  • PlantMade's Peshawri Seekh Kebab is great for a Keto diet or any other diet.
  • PlantMade's Peshawri Seekh Kebab adds variety in your vegetarian meals.

 Why PlantMade Peshawri Seekh Kebab?

PlantMade's Vegetarian Peshawri Seekh Kebab is a cruelty-free and cholesterol-free alternative to this dish traditionally made from lamb mince and is 100% vegan. Moreover, it has a fraction of the fat present in a conventional meats. If you love meat but want to adopt a better, more compassionate lifestyle then, PlantMade Peshawri Seekh Kebab is your best bet! You never have to worry about the possibilities of antibiotics or diseases. Let us all contribute to a healthier lifestyle, a healthier planet and a cruelty-free way of life.
Get the culinary experience of a delicious juicy seekh kebab, in the comfort of your own home.

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