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Polysorbate-80 (Tween 80)

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Description: Polysorbate 80 is a solubilizer, emulsifier, wetting agent, viscosity modifier, dispersing agent, and stabilizer. Emulsifying agent consisting of sorbitol, ethylene oxide & oleic acid, oleic acid is derived from vegetable oil. viscous liquid, odorless. Soluble in water & alcohols, insoluble in oils. gives oil-in-water emulsions).

Why People Use This Product: To solubilize heavier oils (such as fixed, vegetable and base oils) into water based products. Final product is cloudy.

  • Non-ionic, multi-purpose emulsifier (enables water and oil to mix)
  • Emulsifying efficacy is increased when combined with cetyl alcohol or sorbitan stearate
  • Acts as dispersing agent and anti-static thickener
  • Very useful as solubilizer and stabilizer of essential oils
  • May be useful as hair growth supplement

Use: Body washes, hair shampoos, hair loss treatments, lotions, creams, bath oils, solubilizates.

Application: Can be added to formulas as is. Typical use level is 1 - 10%. For external use only.

Ingredients: Polysorbate-80

Phthalates: Product is Phthalate Free

Interesting Facts: Allows oil to bind with water. Depending on your formula, your end product may be cloudy.

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