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Pramsh Luxurious Kaunch Beej (Seeds) Raw Pack

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It contain L-Dopa which help increases testosterone It is used to stimulate growth of hormone It help reduces spasms and relieves pain Help lowers blood sugar and blood pressure It increases urination help reduces fever and it is a good cough suppressant It calms nerves reduces nerve pain It help lowers cholesterol it act as a weight loss aid It reduces inflammation - anti-inflammatory It release bound up testosterone Increase blood circulation to the genitals. Eliminate stress and anxiety Strengthen and tone the sexual glands Support the healthy production of the sex hormones Increase stamina and sex drive Act as a restorative nutrient for the nervous system It help prevents or eliminates kidney stones (antilithic) It help kills parasites (antiparasitic) and expels worms (vermifuge) It expels gas (carminative) It is a menstrual stimulant It is a central nervous system stimulant How to Consume It is prescribed to take 5 10 gm once or twice a day with milk Sour foods are to be avoided for at least 2 hours after taking this product

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INGREDIENTS 100% Pure&Natural
SIZE Medium
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