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Raspberry Powder - Helps with Periods, Fertility, Normal Delivery and Child birth

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Justvedic Raspberry Powder or Raspberry Matcha is also known as a woman's herb - has been researched for years and it has demonstrated a strong list of pregnancy benefits when it comes to women. Justvedic Raspberry Powder or Raspberry Matcha is made from the leaves of the raspberry plant known by the botanical name Rubus idaeus. Justvedic Raspberry Powder or Raspberry Matcha is procured from the Himalayas - the Uttarakhand region. Raspberry leaves are characterized by a slightly silver lining that features delicate hairs. This powder can be brewed using the dried raspberry leaves from our 100 per cent natural packs. The flavour of Justvedic Raspberry Powder or Raspberry Matcha is similar to a fruity black tea such as Earl Grey. It boasts a full body and notes of fruity and earthy tastes. This herbal tisane features a flavour profile similar to rose hips and hibiscus powder. It is slightly sweeter and bolder than chamomile powder.
- Packed With Nutrients - Justvedic Raspberry Powder or Raspberry Matcha contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to women, the immune system, and cellular processes. Raspberry leaves contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and B vitamins. These vitamins help support pregnancy by preventing oxidative stress and improving cellular processes such as energy expenditure. The leaves also contain calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These minerals help to promote digestion and strong bones. In addition, raspberry powder contains antioxidants, which help protect against free radicals that can cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the human body's form of rust and can cause a host of issues from increased risk of serious disease to premature ageing.
- Reduces Menstrual Cramps - Justvedic Raspberry Powder or Raspberry Matcha is chock full of fragrance — a compound that is known to inhibit uterine activity. This can be beneficial for people who have difficulty controlling bowel movements and urination. In particular, the herb is used by pregnant women to reduce the frequent urge to urinate. A study published in Planta Medica found that ingredients in raspberry powder including fragrance help to tighten muscles in the pelvic region. This can result in a decreased sensation of cramps and the urge to pee. Researchers also found that plants may help to alleviate other menstrual symptoms including nausea. 
- Raspberry leaves also contain iron - which may have benefits during menstruation. Women who experience heavy periods are more susceptible to anaemia. Increasing iron intake can combat this increased risk and prevent side effects such as fatigue and irritability.
- Shortens Labour & increases chances of Normal Delivery - Midwives and alternative practitioners use raspberry powder to shorten the duration of labour and to allow for normal delivery. The idea is that compounds such as fragrance help to strengthen the pelvic area and lead to easier labour and increase the chances for normal delivery. Research published in the Austrian College of Midwives Incorporated Journal examined the impacts of raspberry leaf on labour. The study consisted of a total of 108 mothers who were divided into two groups: an experimental group that took a raspberry leaf and a control group. Researchers found that the participants who took raspberry leaf had a decreased risk of artificial rupture of their membranes and were less likely to require a C-section. Additionally, the results showed a decrease in preterm labour and a shorter labour duration overall. A second study published in the Journal of Midwifery and Women found that raspberry powder did not decrease the time of first-stage labour. It had some moderate improvements in shortening the duration of second-stage labour. The researchers concluded that more studies are needed to investigate and establish the benefits of this powder on labour duration.
- Decreases Childbirth Risks - Some research shows that drinking raspberry powder may help to decrease complications during childbirth. The uterine tonic works to strengthen uterine muscles and may help prevent complications such as eclampsia. Research shows that taking raspberry powder may reduce the risk of needing forceps during childbirth. Overall, the powder may also reduce the risk of interventions during the childbirth process. This allows for a more natural birth and decreases the chance of serious problems such as excessive bleeding.

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CONTENTS / IN THE BOX Justvedic Raspberry Matcha is also known as a woman's herb and helps with Period health, Fertility, Labor and Child birth. Justvedic Raspberry Matcha helps improve a women health for childbirth and does support in normal delivery. Justvedic Raspberry Matcha is known to assist in reducing menstrual cramps, period pains, mood swings, excess flow, spotting and blockages. Justvedic Raspberry Matcha strengthens uterus and increases to chances of normal delivery - in fact it assists in improving the over all health health of a woman for childbirth. Justvedic Raspberry Matcha is also known to help with digestive health and helps in healing wounds faster. Justvedic Raspberry Matcha also helps in inflammation and immune system
EXPIRY DATE 18 Months from date of manufacturing
FOR Women
HOW TO USE 1. Take one spoon (2 grams) of the premix in luke warm water (100 ml of water). Spoon comes in the pack. It is suggested not to boil the premix directly on fire. 2. Stir the premix and your instant drink is ready to be enjoyed. 3. Avoid using sugar with this instant tea. Milk can be added but in small amount. This wellness tea has a perfect taste, however, you still can add honey or jaggery for making it extra sweet. 4. A few drops of lime juice can also be added if you want to make your instant drink taste extra sweet and tangy. 5. Being a herbal tea temperature will not affect the effectiveness of the tea. You can drink it hot or cold.
INGREDIENTS Justvedic Raspberry Matcha consists of pure raspberry leaves handpicked from the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, India. Each leaf has been hand picked and hand selected by our tea pundits and then heave been grounded and seasoned for a perfect instant tea.
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