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Heavy Duty Leg Massager for feet,Calves,Legs,Knees and Thighs With Compression Air Massage Rollers,Thermal Heating,Kneading & Foot Reflexology Technology

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1. Carbon fibre that applies a heat massage (warmer therma-care) to the zone of the inner thigh, calf and knee - Thanks to its massage rollers, massagers ares ideal for relieving leg fatigue restless (legs reliever); reducing muscle fatigue syndrome (muscles recovery) and pain on the leg; thanks to its vibrating (revitive vibator) effect, it has an anti-cellulite effect; stimulator of blood circulation in the legs; relief of plantar fasciitis 2. This product is equipped with 2 folding sections that work separately: the upper section has a maximum angle of 110º while the lower section has a handle can be sloped at an angle of 20º Also fitted with rear wheels for portability 3. Easy-to-use control panel - Silent massage (less than 45dB) - Removable washable fabric cover - Automatic cut-off after 15 minutes operation - Can be worn barefoot or with stockings, tighs socks,... - This relaxer product machine is ideal for woman or man (womens/mens) 4. Massage mode: Heated massage It has an exclusive heat massage system, in which carbon fibber applies a thermal massage to the thighs and ankles. 5. Vibration massage further loosens tension and helps muscles recover Soothing heat therapy on calves and thighs helps relax muscles, making them even more receptive to the benefits of massage 6. Independent controls for calves/feet and thighs allow you to customize your massage, so it’s just the way you like it—or select Auto for a pre-programmed massage 3 levels of massage intensity

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