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Rose Chai - Rose Flavored Tea for Immunity, Skin Glow, Stress

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Enjoy this delicious blend of Justvedic Rose Flavour Tea. Rose is one of the most premium flowers to be used since Vedic times as both an aromatic herb as well as for rituals. It's an Indian ceremonial flower. Moreover, rose assists with immunity, skin glow and acts as a stress reliever. This rose chai tea gives you an aromatic chai that stays with you through the day as part of your senses. Justvedic Rose Milk Tea consists of a premium blend of Assam black tea flavored with rose or Gulab extracts. A tribute to the kingdom of flowers, this tea ensures that each sip transcends you into a memory lane. The ever-popular ceremonial flower is now in a new form - your daily morning chai rose. No need to run down to the local tea stall or your favorite tea cafe - when you can have rose flavoured tea anytime at home. The flavor is not at all overpowering instead it has a subtle floral note of fresh rose petals making this tea a great option if you are looking for a state of calmness and relaxation.

Every sip is filled with a rich delightful Black Tea, which is beneficial in hydrating our bodies and has high antioxidants to improve your immune system. This full-bodied black tea gives an orchestral taste with a blast of a special sweet symphony with each sip. Justvedic Rose (Gulab) flavoured CTC Tea has the finest of ingredients. The blend is perfected in small batches to make a brew that is both authentic and flavorful. Made with Assam Black Tea Whole Leaf and with a premium quality rose extract, the rose milk tea is a perfect refreshing tea. Our rose flavoured tea is better and more premium than those served at many of the cafes across India including Chai Sutta Bar and MBA Chaiwala. The rose flavour tea also makes our hair healthy and also works as an energizer. Also, the scent of rose is known to assist with calmness and freshness.  

Extra Information

COLOR Golden
EXPIRY DATE 18 Months from date of manufacturing
FOR Unisex
HOW TO USE Use one heaping teaspoon (2 grams) of this Chai for preparing one cup of the tea. You can also use a strainer or a regular filter.
SIZE Medium
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