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Sanitary Pads - Green Anion XXL (Set of 9) Prakrtech Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 9, Overnight) | Green Anion Strip | XXL Size

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Original price Rs. 289.00
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Colour: White & others
Brand: Prakrtech
Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 18 X 20 X 6 Centimeters
Item Weight: 100 Grams (One Pack - 9 Pads)
Age Range (Description): Females 13+
Key Material: Cotton & Bamboo
Operation Mode: Manual
Package-Type: Recyclable PP Bag
Target Audience: Females 13+
Country of Origin: India

Did you know?
For a population of 350 million menstruating women in India, assuming 35% of women use sanitary napkins regularly at an average of 8 pads a month, about 200 tonnes of sanitary napkin waste would be generated daily!

It is time to switch to a better alternative and reduce pollution caused by synthetically produced sanitary pads, one period at a time.

Prakrtech brings to you 100% biodegradable sanitary pads made with organic cotton and bamboo. Leakproof, Chlorine-free, Artificial & Chemical Fragrance-free, and no added Toxins, these are some real qualities of the sanitary pads by Prakrtech. Our Sanitary pads are environmentally responsible and decompose in 6 months. The pads are made using recycled organic cotton, corn starch, virgin pulp, and bamboo as key raw materials. As a result, these are 100% organic, biodegradable, safe, soft, comfortable, and super absorbent. Some variants available with us also have an Anion Strip embedded into the pad. Anion is a strip that helps prevent bacterial multiplication, eliminates odor, and gives comfort during menstrual periods, thereby making the pad hygienic & antibacterial.

Our production happens at an all-woman manufacturing unit and we aim to create an ecosystem for menstrual hygiene to help women have a worry-free period.

Special features:

- 100% organic cotton top sheet along with FSC certified bamboo fiber for extra leakage protection.
- Anion Strip prevents bacterial multiplication, eliminates odor, and gives comfort during menstrual periods.
- XL & XXL size sanitary pad - specially crafted for your heavy flows and easy on our planet's ecosystem.
- Biodegradable product with individually wrapping in disposable bags.
- Pads are chemical-free, anti-bacterial ensuring no rashes down there

Every year, over a billion non-degradable sanitary napkins, clog India's sewage systems, water bodies, and landfills. Commercially manufactured pads and tampons contain 90 percent plastic and are also bleached with chlorine to appear whiter. Indian women, like in every area are evolving and are becoming aware & responsible. We target to provide these 100% biodegradable organic cotton and bamboo sanitary pads at an almost similar price point as their synthetic counterparts. And even if you end up paying a little extra, these products use natural raw materials, are better for our own well-being, and are far less damaging to the ecological system. You may not be comfortable with switching to a menstrual cup or cloth pads overnight, but we can all easily look at moving to an eco-conscious brand of pads as an alternative choice and that is where we come to support.

Prakrtech believes that
"True Sustainability is our ability to sustain this planet for next-generation"
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