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Show King Pod Hair Conditioner with Jojoba Oil and Honey for Silky & Smooth Hairs – 15gm.

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The Angel Around Show King Pod by Ecomine is a revolutionary Korean Cosmetic product that gets off the slippery softness, & provides smoothness and lightness to your hairs. Made with Hydrogenated jojoba oil, honey, banana, and a lot of keratins.
This product gives smooth & intense conditioning to your hairs with effective results.

This is a revolutionary Korean cosmetic in India as the top minds in the beauty industry have carefully picked out and tested each and every ingredient to give you the most natural, authentic and wholesome beauty product.
Serving the means of both hair care and hair conditioner, It is a do-it-yourself product that should be the must-to-use product for your hairs.

The Angel Around Show King Pod works on several levels - moisturizes the hair, makes hair volume, hydrates your follicles, & make you look young and active.


-Use hydrogen-bonded Jojoba oil, which breaks away from the conventional method of adsorbing with silicone or melting surfactants to make it heavy, enables light gloss and smoothness.
-It also closes disorganized cuticles, strengthens loose hair, and maintains ph 5.0 optimal for hair health.
Bananas and honey are added to soothe and stabilize not only hair but also scalp wounds and roughness, and moisturize natural ingredients.


-Recharging Protein in hair.
-Improves the damaged hair
-Provides Moisturization to your hair.


Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Hydrogenated plant Oriented protein Honey & Milk.

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