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Silver Needle White Tea, 35 Grams

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Our Silver Needle White Tea is 100% organic. The long, silvery white, pointed buds of our purest Silver Needles are processed from handpicked young leaves and also hand-rolled to preserve the authentic taste. You will experience the light sweetness of peach blossoms and apricot that overlays a subtle backdrop of marigold while sipping this luxurious White Tea. The taste of our Silver Needle White Tea is so smooth, mellow with creamy fresh, silky texture and cherry aroma. Our top selling Silver Needle white tea results in a light liquor with excellent flavour. Furthermore, the aftertaste is going to leave you mesmerised with floral refreshment.

Health Benefits of our Silver Needle White Tea:

  • 100% Organic

  • Increases metabolism

  • Promotes Weight loss

  • Combat Skin ageing / Promotes youthful skin

  • Helps protect teeth from bacteria

  • Controls Diabetes

  • Helps to relax and de-stress

Storage Instructions : Store in the foil pouch of the tea tin, keep it away from light and moisture. So advisable to keep in cool dark places.

Extra Information

HOW TO USE Add 1 teaspoon of our Silver Needle White Tea into 150ml of water. Pour hot water (80°C) on them and steep for 4 minutes. After that you can serve it in a cup! Enjoy the smooth & creamy texture and fresh aroma of this exotic tea.
INGREDIENTS Long, Silvery white, Pointed buds
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