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Sinus Care Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Sinusitis & Migraine

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In most cities, the air we breathe has a high level of dust and smoke, and many suffer from Sinusitis and migraines. In answer to this need, Sinus Care was formulated. It is convenient to use as it is applied only on the scalp and gives fast relief. Regular use of Sinus Care can provide complete relief from Sinusitis.

Extra Information

HOW TO USE Apply a sufficient quantity of SINUS CARE Oil on the scalp, especially on and around the top centre portion of the scalp and massage. After 30 minutes to one hour or more, wash off with shampoo or remove with a dry cloth.
INGREDIENTS Vitex negundo, Asparagus, Racemosus, Lawsonia, inermis, Phylanthus, Niruri, Citrus Medica Citrus aurantifolia, coconut oil.
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