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SKINSKA NATURALS Aloevera, Almond Milk and Vitamin - E Soap, 125 gm Pack of 2 | 100% Natural Handmade Soap

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·        Protects and maintains the membranes integrity in both mimetic membranes and intracellular organelles of skin cells.

·        Combination of Natural ingredients:

ü  Aloe Vera

ü  Almond Milk

ü  Vitamin E oil

ü  Glycerine

ü  Soap base (Vegetable oil) aroma oil

·        Widely used as topical applications for wound-healing, anti-aging, and disease treatments.

·        It keeps the skin moisturizing longer period of time.

·        Eradicates bacteria from the surface of the skin

·        Useful in improving the skin’s appearance and texture by reducing wrinkles, acne scarring, Hyperpigmentation.

·        Has excellent emollient properties.

·        SKINSKA NATURALS soaps Unique Selling Proposition 1. Soaps are paraben and SLS free 2. Soaps are handmade 3. These products are approved by KVIC (Govt. of India)

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