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Solid Brass Sextant Nautical Maritime Astrolabe Marine

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  • Material : Brass, Finish : Antiquated Brass
  • Mariners and surveyors used sextants to calculate latitude and longitude to navigate and explore
  • Handmade replica! Size is 3 inches approx.
  • It can be used for basic measurements.
  • Great table top item for office, home and a unique gift. A free brass keyring is sent along as a gift.

Bronze Sextant This elegantly antique solid brass sextant makes a distinctive gift. A great replica from the 18th century, it has functioning parts and reminds of those often used by Victorian explorers and surveyors. Being small in size, its use as a fully working instrument is limited but it makes a great gift, decoration item as well as demonstrational piece. It has a built-in magnifier that can be swung into position to assist in reading the vernier scale. As a semi-functional instrument you are able to adjust the controls to determine the angle of a celestial object and horizon by viewing them simultaneously. Size:- Approx 9.5cm - L x 9.5cm - W x 6.5cm - H (Sextant). A free brass keyring is sent along as a gift.

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