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Spicy Jackfruit Pickle

Rs. 125.00

The word jackfruit or kathal in Hindi is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘kantakaphala’ meaning thorn fruit. But there’s nothing thorny about the humble jackfruit, which delights many foodies across India in both its ripe and unripe form through curries, desserts, and stir-fries.

Jackfruit is rich in nutrients like magnesium, iron, and fibre, and we carefully select ours by hand to ensure consistency in taste. The raw jackfruit is then naturally processed and blended with a special spice mix that includes fennel seeds to give it a very unique texture. Piquant and brimming with a confluence of flavours from North and South India, this Spicy Jackfruit Pickle is nothing but delight in a bottle!
Best Before 6 Months from Manufacture, Store in Cool Dry place, Store in air tight container

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