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Thai Chili Garlic Sauce by Homemakerz

Rs. 280.00

It has the warm lingering sensation of dry red chilis combined by the smoky goodness of garlic and lime. It can be used as a dip, marinade or a cooking sauce. Meant for Thai and Chinese cuisines. It can be used to spice up a broth, sandwiches, rice or add it to make a delicious stew with appams . Accompaniment with meals or as a dip for snacks like momos, spring rolls, pakodas, chips etc Try a little dab of this pungent sauce to relish its smoky smoothness and raw heat. Its intense pungency and heat make it perfect for a Hot Sauce Challenge! It lends heat to your food without compromising on the flavour that makes you sit up and take notice. Can be used to spice up your pickles, curries and chutneys, meat and fish dishes, which are generally spicy, can now be taken to fiery levels of spiciness. Along with heat, it also imparts a sharp signature flavour to your dish. Stir it into your soup or salsa for an added depth of spiciness. Add a dash of Thai Chili Garlic to your tamarind and date chutney and mix it in with your bhel or pani puri. Homemakerz Thai Chili Garlic sauce can be paired with any cuisine to give it a more pungent seasoning. keep it stocked in your pantry, making it readily available to spice up any dish at a moment’s notice.

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