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THE LOVE CO. Lemon Diffuser Oil 100Ml | Long Lasting Fragrance - Aroma Oil - Reed Diffuser Oil | Fragrance Oil | Home| Office| Restaurant| Aromatherapy Oil | Essential Oil Diffuser

Rs. 379.00
  • Lemon essential oil enjoy a sparkling-clean space for relaxation and recreation. Lemon essential oil for diffuser cleans the air and creates a comfortable space for your loved ones. On top of its relaxing properties, you may also use purifying lemon essential oils in sprays and as a surface cleaner to refresh stale cupboards and clear up musty corners. Essential oil for home fragrance.
  • Natural ingredients : Our lemon oil is crafted as an all-purpose cleaning remedy. Often used in purification rituals in Asia, lemons have become well-known for keeping spaces spick and span. We’ve carefully extracted this zesty oil for all your cleaning needs, whether it’s a dusty room or achieving flawless, oil-free skin.
  • Lemon essential oil Hair Diffuser : is one of the most popular essential oils for skin and has about a gazillion uses. Especially great for cleansing surfaces of furniture. Apply this oil on your scalp to cleanse it thoroughly. It controls dandruff and helps your hair to grow much thicker and faster than before. You can also combine it with Jojoba or Argan oil for faster results.
  • Fights Effects Of Pollution – Add few drops of this lemon oil to your moisturizer or body lotion if your skin looks dull and listless due to the effects of harsh sunlight, rough weather, and pollution. It revitalizes your skin and restores its youthfulness in a matter of minutes!
  • Fresh Lemony Fragrance: This Oil has a fresh citrusy fragrance which spreads all over the environment making it fragrant and pleasant throughout the day.

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE 36 months
FOR Unisex
SIZE 100 ml
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