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THE LOVE CO. Rose Water Gel For Face, Rose Soothing Overnight Gel,Face Mask 250ml

Rs. 349.00

THE LOVE CO. ROSE WATER GEL-it makes elasticity skin with delicate roes scent. Good for all skin types. Excellent effect for moisturizing, nourishing, and anti-wrinkle. All extracts are produced with India traditional herb extractor. No synthetic fragrances. Instead, essential oils are used for a natural scent and aromatherapy effect! We offer natural beauty ingredients which we can trust. We offer supreme quality products at an affordable price. We take actions that can protect nature’s beauty. We pursue co-prosperity among people, animals and nature.Soothes and calms skin with delicate rose petals. rose water gel face moisturizer is concentrated with damask rose water to deliver optimum hydration, replenish skin's moisture barrier and keep your complexion dewy.

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