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Tridoshic Oil Frankincense 120ml

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ORGANIC INDIA Tridoshic Body Oil Balancing Frankincense 120ml - Relax and Rejuvenate

This rich revitalising and fragrant oil specially formulated for balancing the doshas, is suitable for both Men and Women. Infused with the naturally healing qualities of Frankincense, which bring a comforting,balancing and positive effect. Prepared with Ayurvedic herbs and beneficial essential oils, our Tridoshic Body Oil deeply nourishes the skin,supports healthy blood circulation and helps restore harmony to mind,body and soul.
Apply daily to whole body after bath or anytime throughout the day or night. Excellent for massage therapy.

COSMOS-certified products

Has an uplifting effect on the senses
• Balances the doshas of the body
• Nourishes the skin

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