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Tulsi Turmeric Tea

Rs. 599.00

Golden Kiss of Good Health

Superior Quality Green Tea handpicked from Nilgiri, combined with Tulsi seeds, Turmeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon, Tulsi Turmeric Tea is what you need to face the current health crisis head-on.

The healing power of tulsi and turmeric, the most powerful super ingredients backed by ancient Vedic science as well as modern Western medicine, makes the Tulsi Turmeric Tea one of the best blends to build resilience against infections and other pesky health problems.

Always stay golden with Tulsi Turmeric Tea blend!

The Vedic Way to Wellness
Every single ingredient in the Tulsi Turmeric Tea has been backed by ancient and modern sciences and brings an abundance of health benefits.

– Turmeric: Loved by Daadis and Mummas, we all have run away from turmeric milk in our childhood. Turns out they were right all along as this golden spice contains high levels of beta carotene and curcumin that help in boosting immunity and relieving pain. Turmeric also protects against liver disease, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, and depression.
– Tulsi: This sacred plant is heralded as a super cure for sore throat, nasal congestion, flu, and fever. Tulsi helps in detoxifying the body and fighting anxiety, providing a sense of wellbeing. The most important therapeutic compound in Tulsi is Eugenol that fights harmful viral, bacterial, and fungal attacks while building immunity. It has high anti-oxidant properties, making it effective against cancer.
– Tulsi Seeds: With anti-spasmodic properties, Tulsi seeds can cure cough and cold, while boosting immunity. It is also known for aiding weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels.
– Nilgiri Green Tea: Our Premium quality loose leaf green tea contains healthy bio-active compounds and is a storehouse of antioxidants. It is an ideal post-workout drink as it helps in detoxifying and increases your mind-body connection.
– Ginger: Stimulates blood circulation, aids in digestion, and boosts immunity. It also helps in relieving symptoms of sore throat and cough.
– Cinnamon: It helps repair tissues, fight body infections, and reduce heart-related ailments.

Enjoy the mild, earthy flavour of turmeric, refreshing taste of Tulsi, and sweet notes of cinnamon ensuring a perfect symphony of health and taste in every sip.

Some marvels made possible by this elixir:

  •  Effective against depression
  •  Regulates blood sugar level
  •  Alleviates arthritis
  •  Fight against viral infection
  •  Fights gastrointestinal problems
  •  Provides relief against nasal congestion

Brew the Perfect Blend
– Every 100ml of water requires 2g of tea (1 Teabag)
– Steep the tea in warm water for 3 to 4 minutes
– Ideal temperature for steeping is 80-degree Celsius
– Steeping it for longer than 3 minutes will make the tea bitter and astringent
– Can be re-steeped 1-2 times

Enjoy The Golden Triangle of Turmeric, Tulsi & Green Tea!

The combination of Turmeric, Tulsi, and Green Tea gives this herbal blend an edge over other teas as far as immunity is concerned. Turmeric has a compound called curcumin which increases the activity of EGCG in green tea and increases the effect of Green Tea in the body.

Subsequently, they reduce the lipids deposited in the blood vessel which causes heart diseases. That is how Green Tea and Turmeric together help in building a healthy cardiovascular system while Tulsi combined with Turmeric boosts immunity.

Note: Side effects may include problems in the digestion system and nausea if consumed in excess. Consuming excess turmeric or Tulsi may be risky for people with high blood sugar and diabetes. Tulsi contains eugenol, if consumed in large amounts it may cause increased heartbeats, nausea, and even liver damage.

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