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Ubtan Facial Amla & Alove Vera 25g

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ORGANIC INDIA Facial Ubtan Cleanser Amla & Aloe Vera 25g
Prepared with herbally and minerally enriched clays, Ayurvedic cleansing herbs and infused with nourishing and soothing Amla and Aloe Vera, this one stop cleanser helps remove excess oils, deeply cleans pores, gently exfoliates and leaves your skin smooth, soft, clean and refreshed. It is also effective as a make-up remover.
USP: A unique mix of purified clay and herbs, this potent ubtan fights all the ill-effects of pollution gently and effectively, ensuring cleansed, beautiful skin. The clay is collected from virgin sources including river beds, ponds and clean open fields. After thorough cleaning, it is sun-dried for 10-15 days. Then finely ground it is and mixed with the required herbs. Clay is one of the most powerful healing products of nature.
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