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Ultrasun Photo Age Control Fluid Anti-Pigmentation Sunscreen SPF50 gel for Uneven Skin Tone Men & Women | UVB, UVA (PA++++ ),IR and Blue light Protection, Leaves No White Cast ,40ml

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Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation Face SPF 50+ gives you all in one high-performance skin care protects from UV rays and premature photo-aging while moisturising and visibly minimising existing pigmentation Why you need it - Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation Face SPF 50+ gives you sun protection, a targeted anti-pigmentation treatment and daily skin care in one. A combination of revolutionary complexes results in a visible brightening of existing pigmentation, providing results in just 14 days- This specially created sunscreen for your face delivers once a day protection. The maximum recommended sun exposure time varies depending on your skin type. You can calculate your maximum protection time using the table in the product images. Ultra sun's unique encapsulation technology ensures it is photostable, water resistant, long-lasting, and it won’t break down during its 8-10 hour wear time.

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