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Vetro Power Fruit & Veggie Wash 500ml

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Rs. 399.00
Vetro Power Fruit and Veggie wash is a naturally derived solution free from alcohol, chlorine & soap.Safely removes undesired dirt, chemicals, waxes & germs without leaving any residue, smell & aftertaste.Helps reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses by removing chemicals, dirt, pesticides & germs. With numerous hands touching fruits & veggies prior to reaching the end consumer, it is essential to wash & cleanse using Vetro Power Fruit & Veggie Wash as water & home remedies are not effective enough.Tulsi is well known for its myriad properties; such as anti-bacterial & anti-fungal, anti-viral among others; which have been extracted for our cleaning solution.Large 500 ml pack size which can last up to 2 months; with daily use by a regular household; thus providing a very cost-effective solution.Follow the application guidelines on the product packaging to ensure complete protection against disease causing micro-organisms and harmful chemicals present on fresh produce.TRUSTED Vetro Power is a technology company, built on heart & innovation. We’re focused to equip our customers with effective products that enhance your lifestyle while remaining conscious of the world we live in. With customers in over 20 countries; you can trust Vetro Power to provide the products you love.

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