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Vetro Power Nano Mask Protector 100ml

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Vetro Power Nanotechnology Mask Protector 100ml is a german formulated water & liquid repellent that keeps masks clean, moisture & 99.99% virus free for upto 30 days. Suitable for frequent use for upto 50 masks.INNOVATIVE GERMAN TECHNOLOGY KEEPS YOUR MASK CLEAN, MOISTURE AND 99.99% VIRUS FREE: Vetro Power’s Mask Protector Spray uses powerful nanotechnology to create an invisible, superhydrophobic coating that prevents liquids & moisture from passing through the mask.PERFECT NANOTECHNOLOGY MASK PROTECTION: A simple spray that protects your mask from disease transmission risk. Once applied, the coated mask repels liquids, water & moisture from passing through its layers thus preventing the emission of contagious droplets such as mucus & saliva. Mitigates risk of airborne and moisture borne diseases that pass through a moist mask for upto 30 days.WATER-BASED, SKIN-SAFE, NON-TOXIC & FLUOROCARBON FREE: Vetro Power’s Mask Protector Spray is a 100% water-based product, applicable on all materials and maintains breathability while remaining eco-friendly - free of harmful solvents, aerosols & aggressive substances.EASY TO USE: Spray evenly on the outside of your mask and allow to dry for 24hours. Re-coat mask with Vetro Power Mask Protector after every wash. Apply on dry mask only.GREAT LONG-LASTING VALUE: Each Bottle of Vetro Power Mask Protector 100ml can be used for upto 50 Masks which is less than Rs. 8/- per mask! Each application lasts for 30 days. Reduce your carbon footprint by elongating the lifetime of your masks, being conscious of our precious environment while enhancing your safety all-in-one!

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