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Vigini 100% Natural Actives Stretch Marks Scar Remove Remover Removal oil Cream with Bio Oil in During After Pregnancy Delivery for Women 100G

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Vigini 100% Natural Actives Stretch Marks Scar removal cream oil in during after pregnancy delivery women with organic Bio Oil for Hyperpigmentation,Anti Cellulite Massage Slimming oil,No Mineral Oil. Vigini Stretch marks cream is a wonderful blend of Natural Actives highly beneficial for stretch marks & scars removal, gets completely absorbed enters layers of epidermis, locks moisture, helps generate new cells by removing dead cells. Reduces appearance of red marks , itching and prevents forming new marks. Increases elasticity of the skin, blood circulation and helps tighten loose and saggy muscles. Five minutes of massage twice a day will help get desire results soon. Collagen & Stretch Marks Actives.Paraben Free, Sulpahte Free , Non Carcinogenic, Mineral Oil Free No added fragrance or color.


» Reduces Stretch Marks & Scars

» Increases Elasticity

» Encourages collagen production

» Helps regenerate Skin & repairs damaged tissues

» Locks moisture & Nourish skin

» Reduces dead cells & stimulate production of new cells

» Reduces redness & itching

Use Instruction

Gently massage in circular motion for 3-5 minutes twice a day.

Continue usage post delivery for minimum 3-6 months.

Extra Information

FOR Women
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