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Vigini 100% Natural Actives Vaginal Intimate Lightening Whitening Feminine Personal Hygiene Deodorant Gel V Wash for Women pH Maintain 3.5 Non Staining as Serum Cream Oil 100ML

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Vigini Intimate Whitening Lightening wash
provides multiple benefits with one single product. With its ingredients like
Amla, Tulsi and Cucumber extract it helps in lightening dark spots and
whitening the skin tone of your private part. Lactic acid maintains necessary pH
balance and ingredients like Tea Tree oil have antiseptic properties which
helps in preventing fungal infections treat rashes and itching. Its natural
ingredients are very safe to use and avoids any unnecessary usage of chemicals.

Enriched with Natural Active ingredients for Intimate
Whitening Lightening Brightening with balanced pH helps maintains hygiene,
prevents infection, burning sensation.

Vigini Intimate Lightening Whitening is good
to be used for Intimate Lightening Whitening Wash for Men .Can be used
comfortably in over sweating unlike cream serum or oil and is washable
comfortably leaving fresh clean cool odor free sensation.

A small quantity is required per application
thus lasts Longer



·       Reduce Pigmentation & Inhibits Melanin

·       Provides Whitening &        .

·       Maintains required pH & Reduces

·       Helps Removes Unhealthy Bacteria.

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FOR Women
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