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Vigini Anti Acne Facial Kit (Face Gel + Clay Pack Mask + Foaming Toning Cleansing Wash) Oily Prone Bumpy Skin, Pimples Blackheads & Scars Removal Pores Tightening Dries Blemishes Niacinamide Men Women

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Face Mask Vigini Anti Acne Control Mask will help in reducing the occurrence of pimples, acne and zits on your face. The ++ formula Unclog pores + Prevents Breakouts Green Tea Extract: Treats Acne + Oil Control Witch Hazel Ext: Dries Blemishes + Tightens Pores Wheatgerm Oil: Controls Sebum +Seals Moisture Argan Oil: Fades Scars + Heals Infections Tomato Extract: Vitamin A, C, K + Clears Acne French Clay: Detoxifies +Removes Impurities Kaolin Clay: Removes Oil + Treats Acne Face Wash Vigni Anti Acne Foaming Toning Face Wash is a Unique Cleanser that eliminates Dirt and Oil, Clearing breakouts and blackheads. Vigini Acne Foaming Wash is an rich, non itching formula that removes excess oil, dirt and makeup, while adding back moisture every time you cleanse. Witch Hazel Ext: Pore Tightening + Oil Control Cucumber Ext: Fights Breakouts + Hydrates Niacinamide: Reduces Redness + Improves Skin Texture Exfoliates + Reduces Black/White Heads Neem Extract: Anti- Bacterial + Anti Inflammatory Apple Cider Vinegar: Reduces Breakouts + Restores pH Tea Tree Oil: Fades Scars + Clears Skin Anti Acne Gel Vigini Anti Acne Gel is an effective solution for acne lesions and for reducing the appearance of old and new acne scars. Niacinamide: Treats Acne + Treats Hyperpigmentation Unclog Pores + Prevents Breakouts Hyaluronic Acid: Reduces Redness + Hydrates Honey: Heals Skin + Lightens Scars Cinnamon: Brightens Skin + Reduce Sign of Ageing Licorice Ext: Reduces Dark Spots + Regulates Oil Production Neem Extract: Reduces Scars + Treats Skin Witch Hazel Ext: Dries Blemishes + Tightens Pores Ginger Ext: Antioxidant + Evens Out Patchy Skin

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