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Vigini Lightening Whitening Intimate Hygiene Deodorant Gel Wash Men Remove Odour pH Bal Intimate Wash (100 ml, Pack of 1)

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Good Personal Hygiene is the most important when it comes of healthy lifestyle, unfortunately it is the most neglected. A common belief is that just using a soap/shower gel shall keep our Intimate part/ area healthy as well as young, but we fail to realize that issues like ageing, hyper pigmentation and infections cannot be resolved without use of proper products designed scientifically. Correct awareness is the need of the hour to tackle these intimate issues. Hammer King intimate Lightening Men Wash designed to provide the most gentle yet effective cleansing for male intimate area. At the same time, your private areas need to smell good, and we want to provide our partners with the best sexual experience.A smelly organ can be a total turn-off for your partner. A men's intimate wash is sure to keep all the odor problems at bay. Hammer king Intimate Wash is sure to help you stay fresh and clean all day long.

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