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Vintage Brass Compass with Handmade Leather Case/E.E. Cummings Directional Magnetic Compass for Navigation Push Button Pocket Compass

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  • This vintage style direction compass with protective hinge lid is made of high quality brass metal with solid antique finish & E.E. Cumming's famous poem "I carry your heart with me" at the back
  • This pocket brass compass is a memorable navy gift for birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day & corporate functions. A great gift for maritime, nautical, hiking & outdoor enthusiast
  • This marine compass for sailors is an essential nautical decor to welcome your boy friend, daddy & loved ones with nautical parties. Adapts any special occasions like nautical baby shower.
  • This survival gear is a necessary addition to any traveller or adventure enthusiasist's survival kit or backpack to find direction in case of any outdoor emergencies
  • Material: Solid Brass | Finish: Antique | Dimension: 3" diameter| 11/16" thickness | Weight: 8.3 ounce | Type: Push Button Magnetic Compass

Magnetic Compass is a great companion for the true navigator. This antique compass looks just like a 100-year-old antique but with a shiny and brand new feel. A replica from the vintage sailor's time to your Home. Beautifully designed compass etched with top quality work. This engraved compass is a best gift for antique collectors. These items are made up of brass not an artificial material. This antique original boy scouts compass made up of pure brass could be a beautiful addition to your drawing room. A push button connected to a ring when pushed will pop open the compass and reveals the direction to you. This sighting compass is a working piece showing you accurate direction. A wonderful push button compass that adds to your vintage collection or it can be a great gift for someone special. An eye catching brass exterior envelops the inner workings of this compass which can be all housed within your pocket, convenient to use as well as storage. The additional leather bag with antique finish safe guards the compass. 3" measurement makes this compass perfect for travel and keeping on your track while still being legible. No matter where you stand on Earth, you can hold a compass in your hand and it will point toward the North Pole.

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